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To learn the fundamental programing of the embbed language.


Why C, C++:

Today technology and software have become unavoidable to exist, with the rapidly increasing use of software and the internet, the tools used to create a software or to run internet are of high demand. This is were C, C++ plays a major role. Since it is the basic tool to excel, in order to master in any other tool. Without knowing C, C++ it is highly impossible to master in any other existing tools. That is why, Invokes technologies, recommends you C, C++ course. We provide you the best C, C++ training, having a crew of highly talented and trained tutors, who could teach you our well-stuffed syllabus. We run for a single goal which is to make you achieve your goal. This certainly makes us the best C, C++ institute in Chennai.

How learning C, C++ made easier in invokes:

As Invokes technologies have a very rich experience as a software training institute in Chennai, we know exactly what it takes to become a successful software engineer. That is why we train you to tick every box, which makes you the perfect software engineer. We know, learning basic successfully plays a vital role in learning and mastering in the secondary tool. That is why we provide special attention in teaching the basic, C, C++. With a crew of well-versed tutors, who could teach you the tailor-made syllabus both theoretically and practically and can motivate you to achieve your goal makes as the best C, C++ institute in Chennai. By giving you the best C, C++ language training, we also provide placement assistance for C, C++ programming course.

How Invokes trains:

Invokes technologies provide you with the tailor-made syllabus with highly professional and trained tutors at a world-class environment and equipment that match the real-time work scenarios. This is how we provide you with the best C, C++ training in Chennai. The unique method which makes us differ from others is the way we provide you with the practical training. The placements achieved by our alumni's proves why we are the best C and C++ trainers in Chennai.

High-Level C, C++ Training Course Syllabus:

C and C++ Programming:

C is an imperative computer programming language, lexical variable scope, supporting structured and a general purpose program. Since it was found to have lasting use in applications that were previously coded in assembly language, which includes OS and several other application softwares. In some scenarios, they were used in application software for computers which range from an embedded system to a supercomputer.

❱ What is C ❱ Getting Started With C
❱ The C Character Set ❱ Constants, variables and Keywords
❱ Program ❱ Compilation and Execution
❱ C Instructions ❱ Control Instructions in C

The Decision Control Structure:

In any given programming language, sometimes there is a need to perform different tasks based on the scenario. Consider entering an incorrect email id and password. There will be an error pop-up and when you enter the correct credentials, it will automatically proceed to the next page. This shows that there must be some logic to check the credentials (email and password) and if it matches and states true, it will continue performing its task by going to the next page or else it will restrict the process, showing an error popup.

❱ if Statement ❱ if else Statement
❱ else if Statement ❱ Operators
❱ Hierarchy Of Operators


The skill of any computer lies in its ability to perform an operation repeatedly. This also involves performing a program N number of times, until the specific condition is satisfied. Thus, a loop statement allows us to proceed with a single statement or a group of statements multiple times.

❱ Loops ❱ While Loop
❱ For Loop ❱ Break Statement
❱ Continue Statement ❱ Do while Statement
❱ Control Structure ❱ switch Versus if else Ladder
❱ The got Keyword

Functions and pointers:

A function is able to return a pointer to the calling function. Here, you must be careful, since local variables of function don’t stay out of the function. They can have scope only from inside the function. Thus if you return a pointer which is connected to the local variable, that pointer will be pointing to nothing when the function ends.

❱ What is a Function ❱ Why Use Functions
❱ Passing Values between Functions ❱ Scope Rule of Functions
❱ Calling Convention ❱ Advanced Features of Functions
❱ Functions Declaration and Prototype ❱ Call by values and Call by reference
❱ Recursion and Stack ❱ Adding Functions to the Library
❱ Passing pointers to functions in c

Data type revisited:

Data types refer to an extensive system in C. It is used for declaring variables or functions of various types. The space occupied by it during storage and the interpreted bit pattern determines the type of a variable.

❱ Integers, long and short ❱ Integers, signed and unsigned
❱ Chars, signed and unsigned ❱ Floats and Doubles
❱ storage Classes In C ❱ 1.Automatic 2. Register 3. Static 4. External

The C pre-processors:

C pre-processors is never a part of the actual compilation. It is a separate step during the compilation process. Simply, C Pre-processor in a text substitute tool which provides instruction to the compiler to do the essential pre-processing before the actual compilation. C Preprocessor is referred to as CPP.

❱ Features of C Preprocessors ❱ Macro Expansion
❱ File Inclusion ❱ Conditional Compilation
❱ Miscellaneous Directives


Arrays are a type of data structure. It can store a fixed sequential collection of elements, which is also of the same type. It is mainly used to store a collection of data but mainly Array is useful to think as a collection of variables which are of the same type.

❱ What is Array ❱ More an Array
❱ Array of Pointer ❱ Pointer Arithmetic
❱ Two Dimensional Arrays ❱ Three-Dimensional Arrays

Pupetting on strings:

Strings are actually a one-dimensional array of characters which are terminated by a null character ‘/0’. Thus, a null-terminated string has the characters which comprise of the string itself, followed by a null.

❱ What are Strings ❱ More about Strings
❱ Pointers and Strings ❱ Standard Library String Functions
❱ Two-Dimensional Array of Characters ❱ An array of Pointers to Strings
❱ Limitation of Array of Pointers to Strings


The array allows to define the type of a variable which can hold many data items of the same elements. Likewise, the structure is yet an other user-defined data type, available in C. Structure allows storing data items of different items. Structures are mainly used to show record.

❱ Why Use Structures ❱ Array of Structures
❱ Additional Features of Structures ❱ Uses of Structures

Console input and output:

Input, it means to provide some data into a program. Input can be given in the various form. It can be given in the form a file or from the command line. As per requirement, C programming provides a set of built-in functions mainly to read the given input and provide it to the program.

Output, it means to display some data on the given output devices such as a screen, printer or in any file. As per requirement, C programming specifically provides a set of built-in functions mainly to output the data on the computer screen. It can be saved in text or binary files.

❱ Types of I/O ❱ More about Strings
❱ Pointers and Strings ❱ Standard Library String Functions
❱ Two-Dimensional Array of Characters ❱ Array of Pointers to Strings
❱ Limitation of Array of Pointers to Strings

File Input/Output:

The C language provides many standard library functions for both file input and output. These mentioned functions make up the whole lot of C standard library header . The input/output functionality of C is fairly very low in level when compared to the modern standards.

❱ Data Organization ❱ File Operations
❱ Opening a File ❱ Reading from a File
❱ Trouble in Opening a File ❱ Closing the File
❱ Counting Characters, Tabs, Spaces ❱ A File copy Program
❱ Writing to a File ❱ File Opening Modes
❱ String (line) I/O in Files ❱ The Awkward New line
❱ The record I/O in Files ❱ Text Files and Binary Files
❱ Database Management ❱ Low Level Disk I/O
❱ A Low level File copy Program ❱ I/O Under Windows

C++ getting started:

C++ is imperative, generic programming feature and an object-oriented programming language which also provides low-level memory manipulation. It is a middle-level programming language. It can run on a variety of OS, such as Windows, Mac OS and several versions of UNIX.

❱ C++ Introduction and Features ❱ Control Statements
❱ C++ Functions ❱ C++ Array and Pointers
❱ Oops Concepts ❱ Inheritance and Aggregation
❱ C++ Polymorphism ❱ C++ Strings
❱ C++ Exceptions ❱ C++ Abstraction
❱ C++ Namespaces ❱ C and Cpp Project

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