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Web Designing courses brings out the experience of learning skills to develop websites.


Why Web designing:

As every graduate works, runs and dreams for a career which satisfies their need, on the other hand, the quantity of graduates graduating per year increases rapidly. So a career with futuristic thinking should be there before choosing any career. That is why we strongly recommend “web designing”. Now a day’s internet has started playing a major role, every single enterprise right from a start up to a billion-dollar company every single one wants to get on top of it and use it as efficient as possible. This is were website plays a major role. That is why being the best web training institution in Chennai, we Invokes strongly recommend you “web designing” as the preferred go-to option to have your hands on your career goals.

How learning Web designing made easier in Invokes:

For an individual, who aspires to make their mark as a web designer, the best web design institute in Chennai is here. As Invokes have an experienced set of tutors, who have an immense amount of the oretical, practical as well as a very high track record in web design. Our tutors have put so much effort to make the course as easier as it looks, by tutoring both theoretically & practically in very high standards. Thus making a fresh graduate to learn web designing in Chennai easily & quickly. Our record over the years shows why we are the best web designing trainer in Chennai. By giving you the best web design course in Chennai, we provide you the best placement options for web designing in Chennai.

How Invokes trains:

Being able to provide the best web designing course in Chennai, Invokes train graduates on different areas both theoretically & practically in very high standards which shapes them as the best web designer they are HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, PHP, My SQL. A detailed information on the given trained syllabus is given below. Kindly have look at it to get an overall idea about the best web designing course in Chennai.

High-Level Web Design Training Course Syllabus:

❱ Basic principles of website development ❱ Planning process
❱ Layout design concept ❱ Webpage design
❱ About www ❱ Web standards


HTML stands for hypertext markup language which is the go-to option for creating any web page. That is why HTML is very easy to learn and can be used in each and every browser available. HTML can easily be recognized by search engines compared to the website created using CMS. These are some of the advantages while using HTML proficiently and getting mastered in HTML is the most ultimate thing.

❱ What is HTML? ❱ The basic structure and HTML document
❱ HTML Editor Tools ❱ Web 2.0 and 3.0 standards
❱ Creating an HTML document ❱ Meta tags
❱ HTML5 Tags ❱ Working with text
❱ Span and Div ❱ Working with images and multimedia
❱ Creating Forms and control inputs ❱ creating tables and columns
❱ Video, Audio, and Canvas


HTML5 is the new upgraded version of the HTML.HTML5 has more advancement then HTML. Since the mobile phone has taken over the majority of the desktop usage, HTML5 fulfills the gap between accessing the internet through desktop and mobile phone.


CSS stands for cascading Style sheet.CSS is used to choose the needed text and appearance of the website, during website designing stage. Inscribed using HTML and XHTML. It is written in markup language deciding the style of the web pages.CSS is used to change the colors, fonts, the layout used in the web pages. The language here contains any range of XML document having included plain XML file, SVG and XUL, making it supportable in the webpage.

❱ Concept of CSS ❱ Creating a style sheet
❱ CSS properties ❱ CSS Styling
❱ Colours ❱ Background images
❱ Margins and padding ❱ Links
❱ Tables ❱ Position
❱ Align ❱ Dropdowns
❱ Forms ❱ Transition
❱ Animation ❱ Buttons
❱ Media Query


JavaScript (JS) is an interpreted programming language of high level. JavaScript is a language it is characterized as a dynamic, weakly typed, prototype-based and multiparadigm. HTML, CSS and JavaScript are the current three main technologies of the World Wide Web (WWW).JavaScript enables web pages, which is why it is an important part of web applications. So it is used by the majority of the active websites. Being a Multi-paradigm, JavaScript supports functional, event-driven, imperative programming. JavaScript is mainly used in creating an interactive effect in the available web browsers.

❱ The Concept of Client side scripting Language ❱ JavaScript types
❱ Variables ❱ Operators
❱ Conditions statement ❱ If, Else, Switch
❱ JavaScript Loops ❱ For loop, While loop, Do while
❱ JavaScript Popup Boxes ❱ Alert, Prompt, Confirm
❱ JavaScript Events ❱ Using javaScript in real time
❱ HTML5 forms Handling ❱ Cookies
❱ objects and classes


JQuery is a JavaScript library. JQuery is designed to making the client-side scripting of HTML simpler. JQuery is a free and an open source software. A recent analysis showed that JQuery is the most commonly used JavaScript library. For navigating a document easier, JQuery’s syntax was made. JQuery has the capability to create plugins by the developer on top of the JavaScript library.

❱ Concept of Jquery ❱ Jquery Syntax
❱ Selectors ❱ Events
❱ Jquery effects ❱ hide/show
❱ Toggle ❱ Animate
❱ Call back ❱ Add classes
❱ Remove Class


Bootstrap is a free and an open source front-end framework mainly used for designing websites and applications related to it. Bootstrap mainly uses HTML, CSS related design templates. Bootstrap covers itself only with the front end development. Bootstrap supports all available browsers (except windows). Bootstrap also supports responsive web design, which makes the margin of the webpage adjust dynamically taking in account of the device used like a desktop, tablet or a mobile phone without any mismatch to the layouts or the contents available in the webpage.

❱ Basic Grids ❱ Navbar
❱ Tables ❱ Buttons
❱ Images ❱ Dropdowns
❱ Collapse ❱ Carousel


PHP stands for Hypertext Pre-processor. PHP is a server-side scripting language. PHP came into effect mainly for web development and it is also used as a general language. PHP can also be inserted into an HTML code and can produce the same result without any change. PHP can also be used with several web template systems, web content management, and web frameworks. Having said that, PHP is mainly processed by a PHP interpreter.

❱ PHP Introduction ❱ Arrays
❱ String ❱ Functions
❱ Classes ❱ Controls
❱ form and Validation ❱ Cookies and Sessions
❱ Uploading File ❱ Error Handling
❱ Mysql Functions ❱ Connecting Mysql with PHP
❱ Mysql query handling ❱ Ajax Loader
❱ Ajax Form validation ❱ Ajax Form submission


MySQL is an open source Relational database management system (RDBMS). MySQL runs majorly on databases which work with multi-user access. MySQL is mainly used for creating a database in web applications. MYSQL has several database sets. Some content management systems like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are related to the databases. MySQL is mostly used in the top end and large-scale websites like facebook, twitter, Instagram, youtube etc.

❱ What is a database? ❱ SQL Injunction
❱ Datatypes using in MySQL ❱ Connecting PHP with MySQL
❱ Creating a Database ❱ Creating a Tables
❱ Insert ❱ Delete
❱ Update ❱ Select
❱ Alter ❱ Drop
❱ Rename ❱ What is Joins?
❱ Inner Joints ❱ Left Joints
❱ Right Joints ❱ Full Joints
❱ uploading Image or File to MySQL ❱ Retrieve Image or File from MySQl

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